20-30 Minute Microlight Flight in Herefordshire

20-30 Minute Microlight Flight in Herefordshire

Escape from the mundanities of life and conventional flying - experience microlighting!

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Location: Herefordshire

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Microlighting is freedom! Enjoy the out-of-this-world views as you skim past the clouds, swoop, soarand climb high into the heavens. You will be flying with an experienced pilot in a 3-axis fixed-wing microlight. Microlighting is growing ever more popular,as the craftare small, economicaland above all,great fun to fly! This amazing, unique adventure isenhanced by the small dimensions of the craft and your close proximity to the air and your surroundings - infinitely memorable!
Upon arrival you will be briefed on the principles of microlight flying. From there you will be taken to the microlight for a general familiarisation of the aircraft and run-through of the controls. After this it's time to zoom from the airfield into the sky for the 30 minute flight of a lifetime! Once in the air you will have the chance to take controls of the aircraft and so get the thrill of actually piloting a microlight.

This experience is available in Herefordshire

  • Herefordshire
Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person. Maximum weight is 14 stone. Minimum is 14 years old; however, under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Flight time will be 20-30 minutes; no previous experience is necessary. The experience is subject to availability and weather conditions on the day and so clients are advised to phone the morning of the lesson to check if it is safe to fly.

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