SWAT Training Experience for One

SWAT Training Experience for One

Enjoy an exciting action-packed military adventure with this SWAT Training Experience

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Enjoy the ultimate military adventure with this amazing SWAT training experience. Youll learn the skills needed to find, fix and destroy a determined enemy under the instruction of a military expert, using current British Army combat tactics as you take control of your weapons, perform vehicle anti-ambush drills and negotiate a warren of darkened rooms and corridors. Youll be kitted out in full body armour and helmet throughout a variety of exciting training sessions, and your experience will end with an unforgettable and thrilling final mission!
This fantastic SWAT experience is based on current British Army combat tactics, using realistic equipment, and you will receive tuition from ex or still-serving members of the army with a range of skills and experience. On arrival you will be issued dependent on weather combat clothing, Kevlar helmet, boots and gloves. Once you have been equipped and briefed by your instructors you will undergo some basic training. You will practice the following skills: Weapon Handling and Tactical Movement You will be issued with realistic paint markers based on the famous AK47 assault rifle or US Army M4 Carbine. Get to grips with the complexities of firing from different positions and learn to double tap then dive for cover. Work with your team to exit a car, dash for cover then put down fire on a concealed enemy. Pairs and 4 Man team Tactics The success of any operation is trust and a thorough understanding of the task at hand. Manoeuvre across open ground or stack on a building, use smoke to mask movement and then lay down covering fire to enable the your team to cross the enemys killing area. Vehicle Anti-ambush Drills How would you react when the situation does not go according to plan? You may come under effective enemy fire whilst mobile. You will learn how to react immediately, exit the vehicle, lay down fire, throw smoke then take on the enemy on their own turf! Explosive Entry Drills and Close Quarter Battle Things start to get a little more complicated now; listen in as your instructors demonstrate how to plan and assault an enemy occupied building. Youll learn how to stack, post a grenade then punch into the building to strike and neutralise the bad guys. Once in the skills house you will have to negotiate a warren of darkened rooms and corridors. Communication and team work is now the key to success; one false move and a colleague could be taken out by a hidden sniper. Mission Rehearsals and Final Exercise The final test! Listen as the instructors issue a set of orders to take out a terrorist training camp or rescue a hostage. Its now down to you as you switch from metal targets to live enemy. They dont take prisoners and are determined to stand and fight. Good luck! Debrief and Departure On completion of the mission you will be fully debriefed by your squad leader, you will get a chance to reflect and ask questions.

This experience is available in Worcestershire

  • Worcestershire
Your voucher is valid for ten months. This experience is for one person. This experience is not available on Mondays. Minimum age is 16. Maximum waist size is 46in due to standard military sizes the supplier is unable to provide XXL size items. You are required to advise the supplier of any existing medical conditions. Due to kinetic aspects of experience we recommend that customers are in a reasonable state of fitness. Asthma suffers must bring along a blue inhaler in case of an attack. The event is deemed unsuitable for those with respiratory or cardio conditions. Customers will be operating in some circumstances in dark confined spaces. All customers must sign a safety waiver prior to starting event. You are advised to wear light weight walking trousers, long sleeve sweat shirt and walking/sports socks. Customers with feet size 11 plus should plan to bring their own appropriate outdoor footwear. Please allow up to 4 hours for this experience. All dates are subject to availability.

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