Riot Training Experience

Riot Training Experience

This is absolutely insane! Get ready to rumble with this riot training experience

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Step in to the chaos and put your strength, courage and wits to the test as you take part in an exciting and fast-paced simulated riot! Youll receive training on how to defend yourself in the midst of a riot from an experienced ex-military instructor, who will introduce you to equipment and anti-rioting techniques. Youll be able to experience the noise, fire, smoke, fear and excitement of the battle from both sides, acting as both a rioter and a riot cop! Your experience will also include a light lunch.
On arrival you will receive a safety brief and sign a safety waiver. You will be then introduced to the equipment - ballistic helmets with visors, 4 foot shields, batons and a host of other pieces of equipment designed to keep you safe and in control. You and your group will then move through a series of training stands, where you will get to grips with the tactics and formations you will need to employ. You will be introduced to base lines, snatch squads and use of batons guns, as well as watching a petrol bomb demonstration and practicing casualty evacuation in the face of a hate filled mob. After training you will have the time to relax you will receive a light lunch comprising of: choice of filled baguettes, piece of fruit, cake and a bottle of water. Once lunch has finished you will be broken down into two large groups the rioters and the riot squad. Then, once you have been fully briefed, all hell breaks loose! Stand firm as you come under a barrage of debris and advance forward with smoke swirling around your waist. Brace yourselves as simulated petrol bombs are thrown in your direction and simulated baton rounds fire into the crowd before Snatch Squads sprint out to drag back ringleaders. Youll experience noise, fire, smoke, fear and excitement - the key ingredients of a pitched battle! Once a truce is declared you will swap roles - riot cop becomes rioter and vice versa. You will need a reasonable standard of robustness as you will have to move around with a sense of urgency. You will need to lift and carry and have the stamina to stand firm in a base line with a shield. Be prepared for a few knocks and the odd bruise.

This experience is available in Worcestershire

  • Worcestershire
Your voucher is valid for six months. This package is for one person. This experience is available on one Sunday per month only. Minimum age is 16. The experience is up to 6 hours in duration dependent on group size. Session times are approximately 11:00 17:00 (please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts). You must be reasonably fit as this experience requires a lot of movement and involves a lot of action. Please note the experience is very kinetic and is designed to be scary and challenging - be prepared for a bit of pushing and shoving, as well as the occasional knock or bruise. There may be some grappling with other people and there is a residual threat from slips, trips and falls. Please note you may be subjected to loud noise and dark, confined spaces and you may have to deal with bloody, realistic scenarios. You are required to advise the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma or are suffering from an existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury. On arrival you will have to sign a safety waiver. All participants must adhere to the suppliers health and safety policy. A light lunch is included in this package. You are advised to wear old rugged clothing and a comfortable fitting pair of outdoor type boots. All dates are subject to availability. This voucher cannot be extended.

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