Armed Bodyguard Training Experience

Armed Bodyguard Training Experience

Learn the art of close protection with this exhilarating Armed Bodyguard training experience

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Do you have what it takes to keep your calm, rely on your training and keep yourself and your VIP alive when the bullets are flying and all hell breaks loose? The role of the armed bodyguard is based on courage, team work and dedication to duty and this experience will teach you what you need to know to survive and protect your VIP in a hostile environment. This exhilarating and action-packed day will give you training in essential body guarding disciplines such as weapon handing, vehicle extraction tactics, close quarter battle and break-out tactics!
The role of the armed bodyguard is based on courage, team work and dedication to duty and this experience will teach you what you need to know to survive and protect your VIP in a hostile environment. At the beginning of your experience you will be asked to read and then sign a safety waiver, before receiving a hard cap, safety goggles, gloves and a set of body armour. The experience includes a 30 minute lunch break, as well as a final test exercise at the end of the day. The day will cover a number of essential armed body guarding disciplines such as: Vehicle Extraction Tactics - Armed Bodyguards need to use cars and vehicles to get the VIP from A to B. Learn from a team of experts how to get yourself out of a tight spot. Armed Body Guard Drills - Move in formation and keep your eyes peeled as you escort your VIP through a hostile environment. Weapon Handling - You will get the chance to handle a replica Glock semi-automatic pistol and M4 Carbine [or equivalent]) as well as taking part in anti-personnel fragmentation grenade-handling drills. Close Quarter Battle - This exercise allows you to put the weapon handling and foot movement together using rifles. Take your VIP through purpose built ranges and be prepared to deal with any eventuality - a situation can turn from the benign to hostile in seconds! Actions On - What to do when all hell breaks loose! Break Out Tactics -Learn then practice getting yourself out of a tricky situation; put down a smoke screen to mask your movement, get the VIP into cover and put down controlled accurate automatic rifle fire. Anti-Ambush Drills How to survive an enemy ambush. Close Quarter Combat Skills The art of unarmed combat!

This experience is available in Worcestershire

  • Worcestershire
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This package is for one person. This experience is available on selected dates week-round, excluding Mondays. Minimum age is 14. The experience is up to 6 hours in duration dependent on group size. You must be reasonably fit as this experience requires a lot of movement and involves a lot of action. Please note that this is a busy kinetic event you will need to move around with a sense of purpose and be able to negotiate getting in and out of a family sized car wearing body armour and carrying a replica rifle. In order to receive a level of realism you will be at times in a multi-functional stressful environment and there will be exposure to loud bangs, flashing lights and smoke grenades. You are required to advise the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma or are suffering from an existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury. Please note that you cannot take part in this experience under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. On arrival you will have to sign a safety waiver. All participants must adhere to the suppliers health and safety policy. You are advised to wear walking socks, lightweight trousers/tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Please note all participants must wear closed-toe footwear. All dates are subject to availability.

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