Tank Battle Paintballing

Tank Battle Paintballing

Paintballing just got interesting

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Allowing regular folk the chance to blast away like Rambo at friends and foe alike, paintball is one of the greatest action sports of all time. However, you have the ULTIMATE combat experience when you combine the action and adrenaline of paintball with several tons of tank driving! This tank paintball experience will have you and your crew arming and firing specially modified turreted FV432's APC at the opposing team who, for fairness sake, are also in a tank. This is war games, but not as we know it.
On arrival you will meet the two other members of your tank crew before being shown to the mighty FV432. Under the guidance of your instructor you will get the opportunity to drive the tank, aim the cannon, load the breech and fire the air powered gun. Once you are able to successfully operate the tank, the hatches are closed and you use your periscopes to guide yourself into battle against your opponents.

This experience is available in Leicestershire

  • Leicestershire
Your voucher is valid until 30th September 2016. Your tank crew will be made up of three people, only one of which is included in this voucher. If you want a crew made up of your friends, you will need to purchase three separate vouchers. This experience is available on selected Wednesdays, April - October. Maximum height is 1.93m/64. Maximum weight is 139kg/22 stone. Minimum age is 18. Your total experience will last for approximately two hours. If you wish to upgrade to a weekend date, there will be a charge of 8pp, payable at point of booking. You can add an extra passenger for 20 payable directly to the supplier. All dates subject to availability.

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